Lubinski – Logistic Center and Offices

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Client / David Lubinski Ltd

Location /

Size / 55,000 sqm

Status /

Architectural and interior design office building and logistic center for “David Lubinsky Ltd. ”  in Meuyan Sorek.
The building includes a warehouse logistics, parking, garages, offices, showrooms, training rooms, a dining room and more.
Design goal was – expanding existing operations-expanding PDI and parking bonded, expanding logistics center building (warehouse) , a new service center for all company brands (Peugeot Citroen and MG).
Design and construction of exhibition halls all the company’s brands and agencies group.
One of the challanges in this project is to
 Create a shared space for sale, delivery and service, while the customer is present at all stages of the encounter with the company.
Also to incorporate this space also access the company’s offices – we created Passage directed to another front, internal exhibition space, the area of ​​delivery, and access from the garage for service. Which is also located in the reception of the office building.
This complex employees staff of about  450 people.